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The chairs

Here at Maud we select our vintage chairs with two things in mind - comfort and style. We like to pick chairs that have simple shapes and structures and aspire to make them as comfortable and beautiful as they can possibly be. We believe that no matter what era our chairs are from they can easily fit into any style of interior, from traditional to space age modern and everything in between!

The restoration

Each of our ‘hand picked’ chairs are stripped back to their frame and restored using either traditional or modern upholstery methods (depending on the chair). The ‘show wood’ (the wood you can see, such as chair arms and legs) is sanded back to its original state and treated to enhance the beauty of the wood grain.

The fabric

Finally, the top cover fabric, as important as the chair itself. All our fabrics are made from natural fibres such as wool, linen or cotton ensuring superior quality and long lasting gorgeousness. We also like to use fabulous vintage textiles when we are lucky enough to find some at the right price and condition.

Vintage, one of a kind, for every home.